Student Protection in Catholic Schools

Schools and families are reporting increasing incidents of problematic sexual behaviours by children.  Sometimes these behaviours are between same age peers and can involve very young children such as Prep and Year 1 children.  These behaviours can indicate a child has been harmed but sometimes we cannot understand how they have learnt these behaviours - although wonder about the impacts of our increasingly sexualized world and the role of media.

At Star of the Sea we take child protection very seriously. Some of the ways we attempt to reduce the risk of any inappropriate behaviours at school (including sexual behaviour) are to have clear school rules, policies and expectations of children’s behaviour and particularly around use of toilets.  We also have an annual visibility audit to try and identify areas at school where inappropriate behaviour may occur. As you also know all children at Star of the Sea participate in the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum. Our school also has designated student protection staff that the students can talk to at any time. The student protection staff are Jennett Mullane, Anthony King, Kellie Richardson and Chris Hall.

However it is very important that at home you also talk to your child to reinforce the protective behaviours messages.  It is also important to monitor your children’s use of technology and be aware of media and advertising content that they may be exposed to.

To assist you to have these on-going conversations with your children there is a link below to further material from our Child Safety Curriculum that may help you with talking to your child.  There are also some additional resources that discusses age appropriate sexual behaviour including the Traffic Lights model Traffic Lights and from “Stop it Now”.  There are also a number of age appropriate story books that you can read with your children.

If you would like further information please contact the School Principal or counsellor who can provide you with further advice and resources.